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Wheels of Britain 2011 - The Arizona Jentleman's Club

Good times on Sunday. Weather was nice in the morning but got pretty warm later in the afternoon. This was easily the most Jensens in attendance at Wheels of Britain in many years!

There were a total of seven Jensen’s in attendance. Two Interceptors, four Jensen Healeys and one Jensen GT. The Interceptors were driven by Terry Freiberg and Robert Mann. The JHs were driven by Jim Medland, Bob Louis, Mel Holcom and Lou Astroth. This was the first time I met Lou, his wife and his white JH. Lou and his wife live in Ahwatukee area. The Jensen GT was driven down from Prescott by Gene Leasure. Gene also has an Interceptor. A good showing of Jensen models. Now we just need a CV-8 and a 541 to complete the set.

Congratulations go out to Mel for winning first place in the Jensen Healey group. Mel received a nice plaque to hang on his wall.

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