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The Arizona Jentleman's Club

Welcome to the Arizona Jentleman's Club! We're a group of generally Phoenix based folks in Arizona who own or are interested in Jensen and related cars. We're a very informal group (no presidents, sercretaries, treasurers and the like) and our main goal is to get together, have fun, and help each other out with our Jensen cars. There are no membership dues or any of that sort of stuff. If you're interested in joining, just leave a comment at the bottom of the page.

Previous EventsUpcoming Events
Lunch at 5 & Dine - Tempe, Arizona 11/6/2009
First informal gathering. The intent here is to get together local Jensen owners and see about organizing more regular events!
Pavillions Car Show - Scottsdale Arizona 01/15/2010
Classic car auction season is in full swing, and that means the Pavillions car show is the place to be! Dust off your Jensen and bring it out for the afternoon!
Wheels of Britain 2011 - Heritage Square, Phoenix. 03/13/2011
View pictures of the Jensens in attendance at Wheels of Britain 2011.
May 2011
Nothing specific planned yet. Any ideas?

Local Resources

Delta Motorsports: Delta Motorsports is the most comprehensive supplier of Jensen Parts in the United States.
Coventry Motors: This local british shop knows it's Jensens! 4723 N. 12th Street, Phoenix, AZ. (602) 274-4038.
This site!: OK, fine, a little self promotion. :) For articles on restoring your Jensen Healey select "1974 Jensen Healey" from the menu at the left.
The Gentleman's Express: Tech Tips from the JIOC (Interceptor).

Member Websites

Terry Freiberg's Jensen Interceptor - I absolutely love his custom paint job!

If you're a local member and would like a web page for your vehicle just give me a writeup on your car/project and some pictures and I'll host it here for you!

This club is vaguely organized by Art and Jody, local Jensen owners.

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