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The Gentleman's Express: Tech-Tips from the JIOC

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Motor and Transmission Mounts

Author: TECH

As we always run into trouble with these when least we expect it, be happy that Chrysler stil l has these “insulators” (as they are called) available for our Interceptors. The numbers are:

Series383 G 440 H 440 J & 4
Motor (2)253612128637352536121
Trans (1)253314525331453642831

Trouble with mounts is usually indicated by a tremble in the car during acceleration from standstill. First place to check is the left front motor mount which, once broken, provides nothing to hold the engine down! In extreme cases, the air cleaner might strike the hood and the left hand exhaust pipe will surely contact the floorboards, and there generally is the sound of the ‘tremble’. If the problem is at the trans mount, there might be sound from the trans tailshaft and driveshaft universal hitting the body frame with a similar trembling sound.

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