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The Gentleman's Express: Tech-Tips from the JIOC

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Author: TECH

Mo Singer recommended Kenwood KFC 767 speakers for the Interceptor’s front doors. They are six inch coaxial, two-way, 25 watt units. Sale price at Rogers Soundlab was $60. They were mounted in front of the stock mounting plate and the door fiberboard opening only had to be enlarged about 1/2 inch. They are good for the Interceptor because, besides producing a good sound, they do fit in the door (a problem that can sometimes be a nuisance).

A better fit of coaxial speaker for the Jensen are those produced by Sonovox, and they can be installed in the original locations with the relocation of one drill hole for the door speakers, and a bit of judicious bending of the cover baffle for the rears.

Part numbers are : Front SE1631, Rear SE3505

Prices are approximately $60 per pair (TECH)

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