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The Gentleman's Express: Tech-Tips from the JIOC

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High Performance Distributors

Author: TECH

In case you are looking to improve engine performance and your engine still uses the distributor originally installed, a direct replacement high performance unit is available. Usually with time the distributor shaft wears, creating sideplay at the rotor head which, in turn, tends to upset the timing. Chrysler’s limit on this play is 0.006" max. So, try Mopar’s ‘Direct Connection’ Group under the following part numbers:

Mk II InterceptorP3690431
Mk III InterceptorP3690432

Note, however, that the early 383-engined cars usually employed breaker points, and the new distributor has to be used with electronic ignition, and thus will require some re-wiring and the installation of an electronic control unit. A complete kit, including distributor and all the necessary instructions can be obtained under their number P3690427.

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