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The Gentleman's Express: Tech-Tips from the JIOC

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100 Amp Alternator Mounting

Author: Mike Lotwis

For those wishing to change from a 65 amp to a 100 amp Alternator, this has been successfully done by utilizing the Chrysler mounting brackets used originally for the 100 amp alternator. You will need to relocate the expansion tank, however. the following Parts are required from Chrysler:

3830008Main bracket
4006507Back bracket mounted to head
4027052Brace from intake manifold
4006531Adjust bracket
4094012Insulator package

It would also be an excellent idea to change the regulator at the same time, as many a new alternator has been ruined by being teamed up with an older and tired control unit. Original equipment regulators were Chrysler 3438150 for all engine series. These have been superseded by 4379100.

Of particular importance is to increase the current carrying capacity of the brown (N) lead from the alternatorto the starter switch. Another 10 gage wire should be run in parallel with the one already there. The factory supplied this modification for all initial 100 amp alternator installations (convertibles).

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