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The Gentleman's Express: Tech-Tips from the JIOC

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High Performance Coil

Author: Joe Sicignano

The most recent addition in my continual updating of my Interceptor is a Mallory ignition coil, a coil being a step-up device for the voltage from the distributor to the plugs. Even though your engine may seem fine, coils decay with age. Original equipment is a black cylinder under the air cleaner on the right side, close to the distributor.

High performance coils, due to heavier construction, maintain their performance longer. Your engine would run with a lagging voltage but not as vigorously or as efficiently. The spark of a stock coil is 30,000 volts, the Mallory Mark II Coil is 50,000. It also provides easier starts as it draws a minimum current.

The cost is nominal ($35) and installation is relatively simple although, since it had to be bolted on, my mechanic (Bob Gowdy of Jensen Specialties Inc) had to make a small bracket. It certainly won’t solve all your problems but it made a noticeable difference in pickup and high end responsiveness in my car.

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