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The Gentleman's Express: Tech-Tips from the JIOC

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Author: CFF

Way back in 1976 an enterprising individual, Crushed Fingers Fuller (CFF), "Norm" to most of our clubmembers, took it upon himself to start the club’s newsletter. It has been a labor of love of the Jensen vehicle and of endurance, as any editor/publisher knows. But he persisted and we have all enjoyed and benefitted from the results. Since he finally felt the need to move to the Lone Star State, we miss his influence. However, better days should be ahead.

Many, many people have offered tips and suggestions, and have devised ways of keeping their great Interceptors in full service. Methods to circumvent the lack of the "immediate" spare when miles from factory or dealer help, and the likes of Mike Lotwis, TDB and Delta Motorsports! All of these suggestions have appeared in ‘Gentleman’s Express’ over the years and, as the marque is no longer in production, the need for and access to, good reliable advice is greater than ever.

So all of those valuable tips, suggestions and pertinent data in support of these fine cars have been collected in this handbook. The table of contents is patterned after the car’s Service Manual as to chapters of interest. This "index" gives easy access to data on one’s specific problems. We hope that this will be a benefit to all.


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