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The Gentleman's Express: Tech-Tips from the JIOC

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Start-up But No Run!

Author: TECH

Have you everthrown the switch, the starter spins, the engine catches. So you release the key and think about selecting the shift position but, oops, the engine just died. You try again, with exactly the same results. So what’s to do now? What has gone wrong? There’s obviously enough gasoline to allow it to catch, but then - ?

Now, don’t blame the carburetor for it’s not the cause. It is in the electrics. Remember the BALLAST resistor unit that is in the wiring to assist startup. In this case, it’s resistance circuit is helping the startup, but the run resistance is ‘open circuit’ as the saying goes, busted! Whenever the ignition key drops back to the `run’ position it finds no circuit.

So get hold of a replacement ballast unit, Chrysler part numbers as follows:

Interceptor II with condenser/points Chrysler E/ F 2095501, G 2275590 - Direct Connection P2444641

Interceptor II with electronic ignition Direct Connection P5206436

Interceptor III with electronic ignition Chrysler H- 4 3656199 - Direct Connection P5206436

In case you do not recognize a ballast when you see one, it is that white ceramic block with wires leading to and from it, located in the engine compartment between the fuse box and the battery, close to the bonnet edge.

* Cars are updated to this configuration, usually with a Direct Connection conversion kit P3690427, comprising new distributor, ballast, control module and wiring.

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