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The Gentleman's Express: Tech-Tips from the JIOC

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Author: CFF

Did you ever wonder why we chose “Gentlemen”s Express” as the name for the newsletter? Reprinted below is the very beginning of a review by John Christie of the Jensen Interceptor III that appeared in “Motor Trend” magazine.

“Thirty-odd years ago the British had an automotive term: “Gentlemen”s express.” It was used to describe an automobile combining the attributes of handling, stopping and performance of a sports car with the accommodation and sheer comfort of the most expensive luxury cars. Add to all this was the feature of practicality. In short, a blending of the best of all possible automotive worlds, a Grand Touring car in the classic rather than the current two-seat-witha- fastback-roof sense of the word.”

Can you think of any other car that is currently available either new or used that better fits that description of your Jensen. Our Club”s newsletter is about the car and its owners, not its owners then the car. C F F

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