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The Gentleman's Express: Tech-Tips from the JIOC

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Gas Shocks

Author: Chris Nagel

Chris used the part numbers for the Gabriel shocks from early issues of the newsletter and found the Monroe Matic gas shock equivalent. Part numbers are 34822 and 34899. The front shocks have a sleeve in one end that will have to be pressed out in order to accept the larger mounting bolts used on our Interceptors.

Gabriel does not list a replacement shock for the Interceptor per sebut thanks to some diligent work on the part of Bob Gowdy of Jensen Specialties Inc we have found some correct replacement part numbers. Bob uses them as follows:

For the fronts - Striders, adjustable, P/N 47056
For the rears - Gabriel adjustable E, P/N 63173

These are marketed exclusively through American Parts stores, and the application was for most full-sized GM cars, ’65-79.
Note: the sleeve must be shortened.

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