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The Gentleman's Express: Tech-Tips from the JIOC

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Spax Replacement Shocks

Author: CFF

Spax makes replacement shocks. These are externally adjustable, having the adjustment screw located at the base of the shock, with fifteen settings and are adjustable whilst on the car. A word of advice on these shocks is to initially adjust them until they feel the same before you install them on the car.

When installing Spax shocks make sure that the adjustment screw is pointed towards the tire (outboard) in front, and towards the rear bumper for the rears.

After installation, work the shock for a while, then adjust again to personal preference. Be sure to count the number of settings and adjust each pair of shocks the same.

Remember though that you might want the rears a little stiffer than the fronts or vice versa. These shocks sell for about $80 each and are gasfilled.

(Experience warns us to begin with the adjustments set at minumum to speed the operation TECH)

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