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The Gentleman's Express: Tech-Tips from the JIOC

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Rack Replacement - Steering by Ford

Author: Glen Musselman

We can use a 1980 Ford Fairmont power assisted rack & pinion unit as a replacement item in the Jensen Interceptors. The following modifications will be very necessary:

  1. The two steering arms must be modified to accept the Ford tie-rod end.
  2. Fabricate a new left-hand side rack mounting. Nuts should be welded to theinside of the bracket to accept the bolts used to secure the rack.
  3. The same is required for a right-hand mount. Notch the radiator support bracket to allow for removal of the rack mounting bolt.
  4. The lower steering knuckle coupling was modified by heli-arc welding the clamp portion, of that used by the Ford unit, to its base.
  5. Leave room between the rack and the radiator for the power steering hoses to clear. These hoses are fabricated to adapt the Ford unit to the Chrysler power steering pump.

I hope that this may be of some help to members who are having difficulty with leaking Jensen steering racks. My mechanic feels that he could produce a bolt-on kit for this conversion if anybody is interested. I should mention that this unit does not have the ‘feel of the road’ that the original unit had, but it has been trustworthy, doesn’t leak on the garage floor and can be purchased for less than $100 (used).

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