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The Gentleman's Express: Tech-Tips from the JIOC

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Power Steering Rack Leaks

Author: CFF

I have yet to see a Jensen with more than 50000 miles on it that has not had its rack and pinion resealed. Jensen and Jaguar racks are similar but not exactly the same. All power assisted Jaguar racks leak after 50000 miles. The racks are all made by a company called Adwest Manufacturing, in England (a limited number of Jensens were built with an Alford and Adler rack and pinion identified by and ‘AA’ stamped on the chassis plate).

Only the English could get away with designing and selling expensive sports cars that have an obviously serious defect in the steering seals. Although you never lose steering completely, a sudden loss of power assist may cause an accident. Suggestions as to dealing with such leaks are as follows:

The rack and pinion must be removed from the car to reseal it. The rack consists of two basic units, the power assist valve body and the rack and pinion itself. Both have seals that can leak and seals for both are available in the kits. ALL seals must be replaced, not just the one that is leaking. In six months the other seals that were not replaced will go anyway! The alternative to resealing is purchasing an entire new rack from Jensen. This is necessary and recommended only if the power-assisted valve body is damaged. The damaged valve body can only be repaired in England, but can be resealed here in the U S. I recommend that the rack and pinion only be overhauled by an approved source and one which also is recommended for assistance to Jaguar owners.

Resealing should last at least another 50000 miles, but USE THE RIGHT FLUID! Get some Chrysler P/N 4318055, and use transmission fluid at your peril

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