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The Gentleman's Express: Tech-Tips from the JIOC

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Steering Wheel Removal

Author: TECH

Every time we do some work on the power steering rack, toe-in adjustment, replacement of the rubber coupling shaft joint, we seem to cause some displacement of the steering wheel from its dedicated straight-ahead position. It is an easy job to reset it to the proper location, just takes a little time. First, after collecting both phillips and small straight-head screwdrivers and a pair of external circlip pliers, ensure that the car is facing straight ahead (steering wheel askew). Now remove the wheel cover by extracting the two phillips head screws on the back of the wheel. Pry up the horn push with its Jensen emblem and disconnect the horn lead taking care not to ground it for some cars are wired for horn operation even with the ignition off. Best to insulate the end if the wire with a piece of tape.

Loosen off the steering lock and, push the wheel towards the dash as far as it will go. With the circlip pliers, carefully remove the clip located around the top of the column. The wheel can now be withdrawn along its splines, reoriented in the straight-on position and replaced. Reinstall the circlip, ensuring that it is snug in its groove. Check by giving the wheel a couple of good tugs towards yourself. The clip should very effectively stop it from coming off the shaft! Replace the horn push after connecting the wire, replace the wheel cover and retighten the steering lock after placing the wheel in its most comfortable position for your driving ease.

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