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The Gentleman's Express: Tech-Tips from the JIOC

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F A G Master Cylinder Kits

Author: Phil Dauk

Rather than buy a new master brake cylinder for the convertible that I was restoring, I found a kit at the local Beck/Arnley Import Car Parts Store that fits the F A G master cylinder. It is P/N RK2370, and the only parts missing are the reservoir elbow sealing rubbers, the latter being available from the local VW dealer, being used on the 1970 VW Bug, Type I. The kit is complete with a new piston and spring for the master cylinder.

NOTE: Jensen Parts & Service do not, along with Girling the OEM supplier, offer a reseal kit for this particular cylinder, nor do they recommend rebuilding it. But if you must, inspect the cylinder bore for corrosion and pitting. If not too damaged, check with your local overhaul shop. They can hone it slightly for cleanup and good seal seating. The F A G unit is also used extensively on the Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Their dealer part number for this type of kit is 001-586-93-43, and incorporates all the new internal parts and most of the externals! A good instruction sheet goes along with it!

’Tis said that they also rebuild the Girling servos that are used on the Interceptors. Good enough reason to remember the name and address!

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