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The Gentleman's Express: Tech-Tips from the JIOC

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Brake Fluid Reservoirs

Author: CFF

First, they need to be kept clean and checked regularly for seepage. Look at the area directly below them, which includes the starter solenoid and many electrical wires and fittings. Ensure that the wires are clean, free of grime and grease, and that the insulation is in good condition to prevent possible shorts across each other. The bonnet release cable - does it rub on any of them? Check the solenoid-to-starter lead which runs alongside the exhaust manifold - quite a hot spot. Is it’s insulation also satisfactory and is the routing away from the manifold? This total area is eminently suitable for initiating FIRES!

Check the condition of the brake fluid in the reservoirs and, if it looks old and dirty, now is the time to replace it as noted in the discussion on the complete braking system. If the old cork floats appear to be disintegrating, becoming sodden, as they will eventually, maybe it is worth considering their replacement. Jensen has done away with the cork float that actuates the switch, replacing it with a plastic bubble which is enclosed within a plastic cage with a filter mesh surrounding it all. Just take care when you install them that you do not happen to knock a cage sideways off its locating rim. You’ll get funny signals from the warning light! These new caps will not require replacement so often and also will not discolor the fluid as the corks did. They are also a mite cheaper!

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