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The Gentleman's Express: Tech-Tips from the JIOC

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Brake Hoses

Author: CFF

Not long ago I sold a new brake master cylinder to the owner of a late model convertible. A few days later he called to say that the cylinder must be defective because the problem persisted. After discussion, it was agreed that maybe he hadn’t bled the system properly, and that he would try again. Now, this particular Interceptor owner also owns a body shop and a mechanical repair shop so I figured that, if the cylinder was bad, I would hear from him soon. A couple of weeks passed before he again called for more parts for his car. I asked about his brake problem and he said that the problem was his front brake hoses.

It seems that they had deteriorated and, when pressure was applied, the hoses would swell causing the brake pedal to ‘feel’ spongy. The brakes were thus not working too well either. (Another symptom to look for is brakes that pull to one side or the other). Rubber brake hoses can close up internally and stop the fluid flow to the cylinders.

I do not recommend the use of Aeroquip for brake hoses. It is not that the hose is bad, but it is the attachment of the fittings. I had a set on one of my cars and the hose slid out of the crimped fitting. I also saw Bob Chase put a pair on the front of a Porsche that had to be replaced the same day for the same reason. Common sense says not to take chances - use original Girling parts!

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