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The Gentleman's Express: Tech-Tips from the JIOC

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The Fuel Filter

Author: TECH

Located in the oddest of places on most of our Interceptors such that one often finds it ‘added’ to the inlet line between the pump and carburetor by the ignorant mechanic! On the Mk II, it is usually close to the clamp on the righthand frame tube just before the pump. The Mk III has it located beside the same frametube but tucked up out of the way, and of sight, behind the transmission support member. This latter has often been overlooked forages and, more often than not, is the cause for fuel starvation symptoms at larger throttle openings. Replacement filters are as follows:

Mk II AC GF-61 or equivalent (all metal case, as it is close to the exhaust downpipe).

Mk III Fram G-2 or equivalent (plastic case).

While we are at it, if you have a Mk III, don’t forget to find out whether the vapor separator is indeed located where it should be in the fuel line. Right there where it, is hardest to get at, below the fuel pump! The replacement component is Chrysler part number 3751051, available from your local dealer. If you can’t find one on your car, it’s time to make sure that you indeed have one and, if not, get one and have it installed. It will save you a lot of possible fuel problems during hot weather.

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