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The Gentleman's Express: Tech-Tips from the JIOC

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Fuel Filler Flap Solenoid,Cleaning & Checking

Author: Steve Brenneman

If your gas flap solenoid has ceased functioning, but the dashboard switch feels okay and the fuse is alright, the solenoid contacts may be pitted, preventing the solenoid from working. The contacts are easily refurbished with a small file. To gain access to the solenoid you must first remove the left and center rear trunk fibre panels. These are secured with numerous phillips head screws, but are easy to remove and install correctly.

With the panels removed you will have reasonable access to the solenoid. Prior to removing it from the car (two nuts secure it to the side of the car body), pull off the electrical connector and activate the dash mounted gas flap switch with a test light attached to the connector. If the light does not illuminate, you are not receiving power to the solenoid. You’ll have to trouble shoot the wiring back to the source of power. I’d suggest starting at the switch to\find out where the +12 volts have gone astray.

Remember that the dash switch is a momentary action switch - it only provides power whilst being depressed. To check out the solenoid, you can run a jumper wire directly to the solenoid terminal and momentarily connect it to the battery. If the solenoid is operating correctly, it should open the gas flap (making a loud click as it does so).

If this results in nothing, remove the solenoid from the car. Peel back the protective rubber boot to expose the back of the solenoid. You should see a set of points that open when the plunger is withdrawn. Use a point file to dress up these points and reinstall the solenoid. (Better you should just hold it in place for testing instead of refastening it with the two nuts).

Cleaning the points will almost certainly rejuvenate a dead solenoid as there is nothing else to go wrong, short of burning up by constantly depressing the gas flap switch. My solenoid is still working well after six weeks, following the cure. Hope this helps!

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