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The Gentleman's Express: Tech-Tips from the JIOC

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The Haunting Smell of Gasoline

Author: Joe Sicignano

The Interceptor and my garage reeked of gasoline, of no minor concern since the gas clothes dryer in the garage has a pilot light, (I left the garage door open overnight). I also saw a trail of gasoline smelling fluid from under the car. The car seemed to be choking a lot on the way to the mechanic. I had not noticed anything obviously wrong in the engine compartment such as a leaky fuel line, spritzing the exhaust manifold. After looking under the car, Bob Gowdy suggested a check of the gas cap and sure enough the inside of the gas cap compartment was moist with gas leaking up under back pressure and bypassing the tired rubber gas cap seal. I had already once had Norm Fuller readjust the seal about two years ago. There is enough pressure in the tank that with a fill up and ill fitting seal or in the case of a vented gas cap such as a Jaguar, the gasoline will become a fountain and run down the overflow drain to exit under the left rear of the car. Periodic checking of the seal, which is not available except as part of a new cap, is important even for non-smokers.

Ed Note: If you are experiencing this problem and you do have a vented gas cap of the Jaguar type, simple cures include putting silver tape over the hole or using epoxy to permanently seal the hole.

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