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The Gentleman's Express: Tech-Tips from the JIOC

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Electric Choke Problems

Author: Jensen Bulletin #JE73-8

If a vehicle fails to start and the problem is found to be a lack of spark at the plugs, there is a possibility that the electric choke system has become short circuited accidentally. A short in any part of the electric. choke system disrupts the electronic ignition, especially while the ignition key is in the ‘start’ position. Possible causes of a short are:

a) Contact between a damaged wire and the engine assembly.

b) Internally shorted choke assembly heater. Correct the causeof the short and if an open circuit conditionexists, check the following and replace as necessary:

a) Choke control switch (Chrysler #3656730).

b) Any wire which has melted or burned insulation. This could include the engine compartment wiring harness.

c) Choke assembly if externally shorted or if the connecting wire is burned.

It has also been found that some electronic control units that appear satisfactory when tested may not function on a vehicle due to a heavy coating of grease on the terminals of the wiring harness. Removal of this grease should allow the control to function correctly.

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