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The Gentleman's Express: Tech-Tips from the JIOC

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Fans, Caps and Switches, Fan Motor Repair, Mk

Author: Ron Jacobson

As it is better to cope than mope, dis-assembly and repair of the brushgear on the early Mk II cooling fan motors can be undertaken as follows:

  1. Remove fans from the car.
  2. Dis-assemble the motor carefully.
  3. Don’t lose the ball bearings on the shaft in the housing. Save them all to re-insert later using white grease.
  4. Replace the brushes with Prestolite #E91, checking the length.
  5. Reuse the original springs.
  6. Use thin solder and avoid excessive heat, taking care you don’t ruin the brush lead with excess solder.
  7. Clean all parts prior to reassembly. Be sure to keep track of all small parts because you’ll NEED them!
  8. Use rubber or friction tape to replace the liner for the motor bracket.
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