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The Gentleman's Express: Tech-Tips from the JIOC

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System Service, Add Oil, Replace Drier

Author: Joe Sicignano

Periodic draining of the air conditioning system and recharging adding two cans of oil is an excellent investment. Rather than just adding freon as is typical at most gas stations, an a/c specialty shop will check for small freon leaks with a detector and drain the system with a vacuum pump to further check whether the system is airtight. In addition to recharging with freon, make sure that they add two cans of oil charge. The oil with the freon is what lubricates the compressor and significantly extends the life of the unit which gets a lot of wear and tear during the summer months. Also a good idea is to periodically change the drier/filters. This is the black cylindrical item that sits in a bracket on the inside of the left front fender (near the Tranco pressure switches). It has a small glass bubble on top to enable viewing of the freon. The presence of bubbles signifies leaks. This drier also acts as a filter and proper replacement linked with recharging and oil can boost efficiency.

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