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The Gentleman's Express: Tech-Tips from the JIOC

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Heater/AC Blower Motor Replacement

Author: CFF

In place of the CT6385 motor for the Interceptor III, I used an A M C motor, their P/N 32-17-296, which offered two advantages - low cost and noticeably increased airflow. You’ll need to make the following modifications:

  1. Grind the tab off the rear of the motor.
  2. Cover the large opening in the motor with racer tape (silver super adhesive).
  3. Splice wires and use male spade connectors.
  4. If the squirrel cage air fan is metal, enlarge the shaft bore to 5/16" ID to accept the larger shaft of the new motor. If yours is a plastic cage, you will have to purchase a new one. I found that Frigipart #56- 01186 ($6.00 approx) works great but make sure that it is spinning in the right direction and that you place the retainer clip at the bottom of the cage to hold it in place. You can also obtain this motor, from Essex, use #54-7803 or Frigipart #3600261. It is used on the A M C ’73-79 Gremlin, Hornet and Javelin models.

The Mk II need Jensen part CT4719, so try and find a Smith Part # 5771/05.

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