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The Gentleman's Express: Tech-Tips from the JIOC

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Foreign Car Fuse Cross-Reference

Author: TECH

English (Lucas)
LocatedUSEAGEBuss Replacement
50/25 ampA2Heated rear windowAGC 30 or AGX 30
A3Headlamp flasher
In-lineC/o relay a/c & fuel
35/17 ampB1R/hand main beamAGC 25 or AGX 25
B2L/hand main beam
C1R/hand dip beam
C2L/hand dip beam
C3Brake warn light, w/screen wiper
A4Horns & rad fans
In-lineWindow motors (2)
In-lineBattery charge plug
In-lineSpot/fog lights
25/12 ampIn-lineHazardAGC 15
10/5 ampAlFuel & temp gages, horn relay,
flasher and reverse lamps
AGC 7-1/2
B3R/side f & r lamps
B4Uside f & r lamps
C4Int lights,clock
In-linePass door solenoid
5 ampIn-lineRadioAGC 3

NOTE: Fuse block locations - A closest to firewall; C closest to radiator

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