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The Gentleman's Express: Tech-Tips from the JIOC

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Quartz-Iodide Headlamps

Author: Joe Sicignano

Some members may have noticed oncoming cars with headlights and foglights that seem to light up the world. This is not a problem with alignment but rather European Standard Lamps which are a direct replacement for sealed beams. Not only are they brighter but they are designed to illuminate differently, not just a few feet of the lane ahead but a portion of the lanes on either side. With ‘brights on’ the reflective distance reaches a mile ahead. Until they are lobbied through the legislature they are technically illegal but I have yet to hear of someone getting a ticket. The safety margin gained is tremendous and the good ones are designed not to glare into oncoming traffic or cars overtaken. The best brand is French, CIBI, available at Vilam B Haan in West Los Angeles. The cost is $39 for low and $47 for high beams.

For those who survived some recent rains, a good compliment is fog lights. The CIBI Series 95 clear fog are legal and mount ideally on the body, inside the amber running lights and below the bumper in line with the high beams. A fuse and relay is essential to protect the delicate Lucas electrical system. In combination with the Q-I headlights they are aesthetically pleasing, more brilliant and distinctive even in daylight and yield more class to the front end which I always felt was the weakest view of the Interceptor. Cost is $64 for a set, plus cost of relay, fuse, switch and installation.

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