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The Gentleman's Express: Tech-Tips from the JIOC

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Windscreen Motor Replacement

Author: TECH

This unit is not located in the most accessible spot in the engine compartment. You will find it hidden in the fender space behind the brake master cylinder and booster assembly! However, it can be removed, if you are careful, without having to dismantle the braking system. We must presume that you have established that it is getting the power at the plug tucked beside the unit.

First, remove both wiper arms from the wheelbox shafts. Then undo the hex nut on the tubular feed which exits towards the firewall. Now locate the two bolts holding the clamp around the motor case, and remove same with the clamp. The motor can now be removed, with the hex nut fully released, and care should be exercised in withdrawing the cable from the feed tube.

Reassembly is the reverse, again being careful to feed the cable through the tube without kinking it. It helps to rotate the shaft at each of the wheelboxes as the cable reaches it, to make an easier engagement. Replace the plug, the wipers (the one with the cranked arm is the driver’s side item) and you are in business.

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