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The Gentleman's Express: Tech-Tips from the JIOC

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Speedometer Cables

Author: Jack Raleigh

My speedo cable broke and my fear was that no one would be able to fix it. A call or two got the usual reply that ‘we don’t work on cars like that.’ However, I did find the Saddleback Speedometer Service located in Laguna Niguel with service at your door. A call and a spotless white van containing a complete speedo shop arrived. The young man was not familiar with the Jensens but knew the speedo brand. Fifteen minutes of probing revealed a broken cable and made up a 63" length, greased it well and put it through the outer sheath for a perfect fit. Time was one hour as he was not familiar with the car, but the bill only came to $22.88!

Another name for your list in another area is North Hollywood Speedometer, who have the parts and equipment to rebuild your speedos.

Note that my old cable was really rusty; all 63 inches of it. Not a sign of lubricant on it. If it had been lubricated every two or three years, it would not have broken. It takes about five minutes to remove the cable and lube it, but quite some time to get at it!

(Access to the cable - remove the under-dash panels located on either side of the steering column. Unscrew the end of the cable from the back of the speedo and draw it downwards into the car. Now you can withdraw the inner member. If broken, the other end can be accessed from under the car on the driver’s side of the transmission tailshaft extension. But note that on all cars fitted with catalytic converters and EGR counters the cable runs up through the center console, so you’ll have to remove the driver’s side carpetcovered side panel too. There are two pieces of cable in those installations... TECH)

For original parts reference:

Complete cable assy:CT-2580DF-1317/00 5’5"
Inner onlyDF-1314/04 5’5"
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