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General Vehicle Maintenance

Articles about general maintenance projects. This is primarily about keeping the modern cars on the road while we fix up the fun ones. What I've found is that outside of the cars we have at home I find myself being called in to work on the vehicles of friends and family. While most of the time it's just basic stuff: batteries, tires, oil, starters and the like. Periodically it's something far more significant (for example this year it was motor mounts on a Honda Civic and Intake manifold gaskets on a Ford Explorer). I try, when possible, to write up how to's on these sorts of items, because, I loathe Hayne's / Chilton's Manuals and those are generally the only information source available for these cars. I know that I've used many other people's documented experiences online as primary instructional information and those articles have been invaluable.

Performing an Oil Change
Currently documented are: 2002 Toyota Corolla, 2002 Honda Civic, 2002 Toyota Echo and 2002 Ford Explorer.

Changing Spark Plugs
Currently documented are: 2002 Toyota Corolla, 2002 Honda Civic, and 2002 Toyota Echo

Maintaining the Battery
Cleaning up battery corrosion and related issues on the wife's 2002 Toyota Corolla

Charging your R134a AC system
Charging up the AC on my 2002 Ford Explorer

How to check your tires for proper inflation, alignment issues and tire wear.

Detailing your car
How to make it look new again (or at least a lot cleaner than it did).

Intake Manifold
Replacing a worn out gasket on the intake manifold of a 1993 Ford Explorer.

Front Brakes
Replacing the front brakes on a 1993 Ford Explorer.

Rear Brakes
Replacing/repairing the rear brakes on a 1993 Ford Explorer.

Oxygen Sensors
Replacing the Oxygen (O2) sensors in a 2002 Toyota Corolla.

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