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Performing an Oil Change

General Information

The oil change is one of the fundamental tasks of car maintance. The only thing you'll do more frequently on your car over it's life is to put gasoline in the tank. And ensuring that your oil is changes at regular service intervals will ensure a good long life to your car. I used to think people were pulling my leg when they would tell me stories of modern cars being completely ruined because the owners never changes the oil. Then I saw, first hand, an almost new car that had been completely ruined because the owner didn't know you had to put oil in it.

In addition to this, regular oil changes, done at home, give you the perfect opportunity to examine the car and look for possible problems. Remember, it's always easier and cheaper to do preventative maintenance before you have a critical problem.

Now, realistically, the process for performing an oil change is almost exactly the same or all cars: drain old oil, replace oil filter, put new oil in car. Extras to this are replace the air filter and put some injector/carburetor cleaner into the tank. This being said, I've done thousands of oil changes over the years and each car is a little different. And, for novices, it's always easier to follow instructions when they are paired with pictures of their car. So, I've opted to document each different car I perform oil changes on. Since car guys generally have a ton of "friends" when said friends have car problems, so I should be able to build this out relatively quickly.

Documented Oil Changes

2002 Toyota Corolla
2002 Toyota Echo
2002 Honda Civic
2002 Ford Explorer

And please remember to be environmentally friendly. Return the used oil to the store where you purchased it! In the United States auto part stores are required by law to accept and recycle used motor oil.

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