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2002 Toyota Corolla

How to perform a Spark Plug Change

Estimated time to complete: 30 minutes

The following article describes the necessary tools, equipment and process to perform a spark plug replacement on a 2002 Toyota Corolla.

Items Needed Tools Required
4 Spark Plugs
(We use Bosch 4301 Platinum +2 because we're too lazy to gap the plugs)
Antiseize Lubricant
10 mm Socket or spanner
Spark Plug socket
7" or 10" socket Extension
Shop Towels
Nitrile Gloves

Step 1: The Corolla has a protective plastic cover over the top of the engine. It's held in place by two 10mm nuts. Undo these and set them aside in a tin to save them.. Set the cover aside.
Step 2: This model is has a specific ignition coil for each spark plug and they are directly connected to the spark plug. The coil is held down by a 10mm bolt.
Step 3: Remove the bolt with the socket wrench / spanner.

Step 4: The Corolla also has a plastic snap fitting that connects the coil to the ignition harness. Carfully press down on the release tab (on the driver's side of the connector) and wiggle the plug to release it. These plastic connectors become progressively more fragile with time, so always be careful.
Step 5:   Use the spark plug socket, extension and rachet to loosen the plug. Then spin it loose by hand. It should only have tension on the first turn and then be easy to spin. 
Step 6: Always check your spark plugs. The condition of the plug is indicative of the overall health of the motor. This plug is in relatively good condition, but shows significant wear. We opted (since we've already bought them) to replace the plugs.

Step 7: Put anti-sieze on the new plug and then thread it into the block. The rest of the process is simply the reverse of removal.

From there, repeat the overall process for the remaining three spark plugs and you're finished.

You're done! double check your work and take the car for a test drive.

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