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1974 Jensen Healey MKII (Green)

At one point I decided I wanted a hardtop for my blue Jensen Healey. I was driving it as it at the time and had removed what was left of the convertible top. In Arizona we can do that sort of thing because it only rains once in a blue moon. The fellow I bought the hard top from had some "extra parts" to throw in on the purchase of the hard top. Little did I know it'd be a chassis that had been upgraded with sport suspension parts and had most of it's body work completed.

While the car was a long way from being back on the road, the body was in such beautiful shape that I couldn't just junk it. I had to restore it. Later a friend found me a junker body that contained a good drivetrain. Now I'm pairing the best parts from the two cars in a single restoration.

The day after coming home from the paint/body shop. Jaguar Racing Green with stripes.
Photo Gallery 1 - Jensen Healey Parts Car
Photo Gallery 2 - Jensen Healey Engine Teardown
Photo Gallery 3 - Jensen Healey Home from Body & Paint
Photo Gallery 4 - Jensen Healey Trunk Installation
Photo Gallery 5 - Jensen Healey Carpet Kit installation

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