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1953 Studebaker Champion

A little searching a few years ago uncovered this gem. Her name is Annabelle. She's one of those basic cars that often get lost to time because she's not a fancy model. This was, in 1953, the basic family sedan. The funny thing is that I meet more interesting people driving her than I do any of the other cars I've owned. At present she is more or less as I found her. And, here's one nice thing about 50's American engineering. She drives just fine these days without having had a full restoration.

Annabelle in 2000 after a wash. This is what she looked like when I bought her.

Monk says,
"Ok, the truth is that this is our car, not his! Dogs may like trucks, but they love Studebakers!"
Melba says,
"Monk's right! We own the back seat, and people always know we're coming. Two big dogs with their heads out the windows!"
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