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1978 Triumph Spitfire

So, my Mum is a classifieds ad scanner. As long as I can remember she has weekly pointed out interesting old cars from the newspaper and other random sources. She drove many of these cars when they were new and always has a story or something interesting to say about them.

Last weekend (April 2009) she called me up all excited because she'd found a '78 Triumph Spitfire for sale for $2500.00. Now, I've looked at far too many cheap british cars over the years, only to find total messes that are barely driveable. But, I'm always game to go poking around, and we found this!

This Spitfire spent much of it's life in Ajo, Arizona before it was bought by the previous owner and brought up to Phoenix. Ajo is litrally in the middle of the desert. Middle of the desert = no rust!

Once the previous owner got his hands on it, it was time for a quick respray (which is why the paint looks so nice) as well as some maintenance work. Mind you this car has not been restored.

In addition to the respray, the wiring was gone over (and works, egads!), all the bushings were replaced, and fresh tires were put on the car. You'll see in the photo above that the interior is a little tired, but that's no big deal for now.

No rust in the trunk (that's right, no rust anywhere!), but it'll need a carpet kit back here as well at some point. Also, he had the proper jack and tools to go with the car.

The engine is all there and she spins like a top. When I drove her back to the house, short of some suspension wobbles there were no issues out on the highway. Now, this one wasn't fitted with over drive so it starts to run out of steam at highway speeds, but it still a comfortable cruiser.

Now, if you know Spitfires you'll probably note that the carb's a little small. The previous owner fitted this carb on the car. He supplied the original carburettor all rebuilt, it just hadn't been fitted back on the car.

See, I told you, no rust! (But that exhaust has to go. I'm thinking stainless Borla, but we'll see.

There's really not much that has to be done to this car. Honestly I almost don't know what to do with it because it doesn't require me to rip absolutely everything apart! This car will be maintained/restored in an in-situ fashion. So look forward to seeing articles on it's future progress!

You can also see all the photos I took of the '78 Triumph Spitfire

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