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Parts Catalogs

Listed below are various parts catalogs that I've either created as databases or host as PDF files.

Jensen Healey
This is a make/model/engine/carburetor/transmission specific database engine. You can enter in the specific information for your vehicle and it will bring back customized parts information specific for the car.
Jensen Healey Browseable
This is a general browseable version of the preceeding catalog.
Jensen Parts Interchange
On behalf of the Jensen community I threw together this simple tool to allow folk to find and report on parts interchanges for the Jensen cars (specifically the Interceptor and Healey)
Triumph Tr3 (PDF)
This is a PDF version of the Triumph TR3 parts catalog that I found online a while back. I put this out there for folks who may need it.
Lucas Parts
I'm always looking up Lucas bits, this isn't the best catalog, but it's got enough information in it to be useful.
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