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1960 Austin Healey 3000 BT7

Frame off restoration: Clean and Inventory

Now that we've taken a good look at our project, it's time to clean and inventory what we have to create a good clean starting point.

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So, I know I harp on this stuff.... but there's nothing more important to a good restoration than a well documented notebook. Here you can see my project notebook with all of today's activities written out. It provides an invaluable reminder of the work that's been done. It's also a great tool for reminders, lists, diagrams, etc.

When I clean and inventory a project I find I always end up with a few boxes of loose bits. This is the inventory listing I made for all the loose parts. These lists are particularly useful as labels on the outside of boxes that store the parts. You don't have to rip through tons of boxes to find the one bit you're looking for. For my Healey project the list contains the part name, number of them on hand, the part number and a reference to the page of the parts catalog that shows the part.

Here is the first set of inventoried parts. Just like the listing each part is bagged or wrapped separately. They are then labeled with the art name, part #, and a reference to the parts catalog. Some of these parts are even New In Box (NIB)! This is also known as New Old Stock (NOS)

Here you can see the second batch of inventoried parts. I'll admit that this takes a while, but it's time well spent when you need to find widget number 3 during reassemly.

One of the other important parts of this step is doing some basic reassembly of the car if needed. Yes, I admit this sounds counter intuitive, but It makes the overall restoration easier if the big parts are all in the correct place. You can see that the door has been reinstalled, the windscreen hardware (I don't have the glass) was put back together, and the convertible frame was set in place.

Here's a rear view of the "reassembled" vehicle.

In this interior shot you can see that the dashboard, dash pad, and seats have been put in place. Now, though it's a bit hard to see in this picture, you can see that the transmission is from a later Austin Healey 3000. This top shifter will have to be removed and replaced with a side shift unit to make the car correct. Now, I have most of the original transmission, but it was disassembled. Lord knows if it'll actually go back together. I'll robably have to acquire another one.

Here you can see that one of the seats still has come uhpolstery on it. Also, the rear seat pans have been put in place. finally, the rear interior was found and set in place. It's in abysmal shape, but will make a good reference during the interior restoration phase.

This next view shows some of the detail on the windscreen hardware as well as more of the interior.

It turns out we have some spare parts as well as the proper transmission tunnel (for our missing side-shift unit). The extras in this image are a spare dashboard, dash pad and steering wheel.

Here is a spare door that was intended to replace the damaged one on the driver's side.

We also uncovered some of the bumper mounting hardware.

Here are two extra seat pans. In reality they are probably the originals and are nearly rusted to oblivion.

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