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1960 Austin Healey 3000 BT7

Frame off restoration: Assessing the Externals

Now, this is a rare article on the site. The reason for this is while going through the Austin Healey I determined that I do not have a single original tool or accessory that came with the car thus, there's nothing to photograph and no pictures. Sure, this won't impact how well the car drives when I'm done, but as this project is an attempt at a concours level restoration, these extra "bits" are suddenly very important. Remember, concours is about how close to original the car is. The more accurate the restoration, the higher the scoring and this includes things like the jack and tool kits that came with the car. So, I'm putting these items on my list of arts to get ahold of during the restoration.

As is often the case with these sorts of items, they have become extraordinarily rare. Since they are not physically attached to the vehicles it is easy to lose them, set them aside, lend them away, and suddenly they are gone forever. Now, with the Austin Healey 3000, the tool kits delivered with the car vary greatly over the years that the car was manufactured. The early cars had an extensive tool kit, as the years progressed the number of items in the kit diminished. That being said, my 1960 is in the middle of the full production cycle, but is still considered early in terms of the six cylinder models.

What follows is the list of accessory tools from my Austin Healey parts catalog. I'm starting my search for all of these items while also doing the necessary research to determine what actually came with my vehicle. On the off chance you are reading this and have any of these items for sale or trade please let me know! For those who are learning about restorations I'll date the items as I obtain them to give you a btter idea of how long it actually takes to track these things down. I'm starting the search as of October 12, 2008.

  • Part # 2A5412 - Tool Bag
  • Part # 2H4614 - Screwdriver
  • Part # 2H1683 - Tyre Valve Tool
  • Part # 3H2648 - Ignition Gauge and Screwdriver
  • Part # 1B8995 - Spanner - Sparking Plug (Box)
  • Part # ACA5216 - Tommy Bar - Box Spanner
  • Part # 2A5419 - Gauge - Sparking Plug and Tappet Clearance
  • Part # 1B4339 - Extractor - Front Hub Cap
  • Part # 11B5166 - Hammer - Copper
  • Part # 13H50 - Gun - Grease
  • Part # 2H2099 - Jack - Lifting (Less Shaft and Handle)
  • Part # 11B5196 - Shaft And Handle
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