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1960 Austin Healey 3000 BT7

Frame off restoration

After talking to the guys at British Car Specialists yesterday I found out that they first sent me catalogs for Austin Healey bits almost a year and a half ago. That means the car's been sitting in storage almost that long. I couldn't believe it! But then, after remembering the shoulder surgery and now the leg surgery, I'm starting to appreciate how much time I've lost on my restorations in the past few years.

While it'll still be a bit before I can physically work on it due to a general lack of space. (I really need a 50 car garage. I asked SWMBO if I could knock down the wall between the garage and the living room for more work space. She gave me one of those looks. I knew I should have done it when I was single and could have gotten away with it!)

But that's just fine, as the most important part of the project occurs before you actually touch the car. Education and planning. I've started my literature review and ordering books in earnest. A little more reading and education and I'll be able to set the proper gameplan for the restoration.

This project is particularly excitin for me because of the car, but also from the fact that this will be the first full restoration that I'll be tracking and documenting on the web. There's something about being public about one's works that helps push the process along faster. I think it has to do with being embarrassed for allowing a project to sit for an extended period of time. I know I'm already starting to be mortified by my lack of progress on the Jensen Healey.

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