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Jensen Healey Literature Review

Articles hosted at TheyMightBeRacing.Com

The following articles have been sent to me by members of the Jensen Healey community. I'm hosting them here so that they are easily and universally accessible to all. In the event that we inadvertently add something that is coyrighted, please let me know and I'll remove it.

Nuts & Bolts List (excel)
This list was forwarded to me by Dan Eiland. I'll be incorporating it into the database over time, but for now I wanted to make it generally available. If you heled on this list, let me know and I'll credit you.
Oil Galley Feed Modification (jpg)
This image describes how to change the oil galley feed to decrease too much oil in the head as well as boost ressure at the crank. This document was put together by Dan Eiland and Gerry Kemp.
Engine Rebuild Data Sheet (excel)
907 Engine rebuild checklist and data sheet put together by Tim Engel. A Must for when you're ready to rebuild that old motor.
Cam & Timing data sheets (excel)
Information on the various available cams, timing and other items. This document was comiled by Tim Engel
Jensen Healey Torque Specs (excel)
Torque settings for the major bolts within the Jensen Healey. This great document was compiled by Tim Engel.
Jensen Healey 907E Stiffening Plate (pdf)
When building up a high power Lotus 907 Motor, a good stiffening plate is a must! This document was prepared by Don Wolleson.
9XX Cylinder Head Gasket Replacement (word)
Instructions on how to replace the old head gasket with the new composite type one. By Tim Engel.
9XX Shim Worksheet - Metric Sealant & Tappets (excel)
Tim Engel's great shimming workbook. It's a great tool for when you're going through the shimming process on any Lotus 9XX engine.
Electrical Fuses - English (Lucas) vs. USA (Buss) (word)
This document provides a comparison of English (Lucas) fuses against American (Buss) fuses as well as recommendations on which Buss fuses to use as a proper replacement for your old Lucas fuses. Document by Tim Engel.
Lotus Technical Data for Naturally Aspirated 907, 911, and 912 motors (pdf)
This document provides all the necessary technical data for the naturally aspirated Lotus 907, 911, and 912 engines.
Lotus Technical Data for Turbo 910, and 920 motors (pdf)
This document provides all the necessary technical data for the turbocharged Lotus 910 and 920 engines.

Books on restoration and related topics

Proably the most important investment in time and money on any restoration is ensuring that you have the correct literature for your restoration. In reviewing what was available for the Jensen Healey I was happily suprised by the availability of orginal service documentation and the impressive books by Richard Calver.

Outside of book browsing at local stores I immediately ordered the available technical manuals available at the Jensen Healey Preservation Society site.

There are a series of other books publishd on Jensen and specifically the Jensen Healey. I like to monitor Amazon to see what's available.

From there, I've found fellow enthusiasts to be a great source for these books and especially the harder to find ones. Why, you might ask? Because this "disease" we all share compells us to pick up these sorts of things any time we find them, regardless of whether or not we already have a copy. It falls under that "You never know category." In fact, when it comes to service manuals and parts catalogs I like to have at least two copies. That way I can goober one copy with grease and grime out in the garage and have one pristine copy in the house.

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