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1970 MG MGB

Frame off restoration

So this particular car doesn't technically belong to me. It belongs, should she complete the work, to my daughter. The agreement at our house is that when she turns 16 she can have any car she wants to drive, providing that she does a full restoration of that car to get it on the road. My wife and I were quite suprised, and a little disturbed, to realize that our little girl would be driving in only three years. As any parent will tell you, they grow up so stinking fast!

So, after attending a recent Triumph club meeting with my daughter Tanith, we decided to start looking around for something for her to start working on. Tanith didn't really have a specific car in mind, but she always loved the little LBC convertibles that we saw at car shows. We started poking around on the local Craigslist and looked at a number of LBC options until we stumbled across this 1970 MG MGB. If you're not aware, 1970 pre-dates the rubber bumper years, which is a plus, and has a one year only rear chrome bumper, which makes it particularly interesting.

What will make this project particularly fun is that not only do I get to supervise instead of work for once, but this will be a great opportunity for Tanith and I do something together before I suddenly become uncool.

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