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1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1 (Lilith)

Front End disassembly and rust repair

Previously we gutted the interior and cleaned things up. Now our focus is on going through the front of the car's body and repairing anything that needs correction.

This is the front end of the vehicle minus the fiberglass body kit, and fenders. The inner bod looks good and solid for the most part. You'll notice the rust towards the front of the car.
The rust we noted is the position where the battery is held. It's really common to see rust in this area. This is really true of the battery area in all cars. The challenge here is the location and the point that the rust impacts the whole of the inner body for this region.
Looking down at the battery tray we can see that it's mostly gone due to rusting. A significant portion of the inner body is swiss cheese rust as well. All this rust will need to be cut away.

Here you can see the new panel welded into place..
Here's the car finished up. The panel has been welded into place and we've determined that there's no other body rot to deal with.

Step 5: Stripping the body

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