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1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1 (Lilith)

Hood and Door disassembly and rust repair

Previously we took care of the body. Now we're going to deal with the hood, doors and front fenders of this restoration project. In addition Jared's decided that he wants to shave the door handles and relace them with remote activated door locks and door openers. We'll prep the doors for this.

Find mustang hood, door panels and fenders on

The hood scoop was removed and the hood stripped. Now, you'll note the hole in the center of the hood. The hood scoop on these was only for show, they weren't functional. Someone at some point decided to "improve" on the original design by cutting this hole. We've decided to leave it as is for now.
The doors have been stripped as well. Both doors had rust damage in the lower corners. This is a common occurrence and is caused by not having drainage capability in the door of having the drains get plugged with debris. Also, the door handle mounts have also been cut out. Now, this is one of the few places that I recommend filling with bondo rather than cutting and welding. Once cut it's difficult to restore to original. With a little fill the only real need to restore to original is removing the bondo.
Now, the reality with this particular car is that the door handle mating points are raised surfaces, so my normal technique for shaving door handles won't work. Here you can see close up detail of the cut outs necessary to smooth the door surface.

Now the holes have been filled with metal patches. If you look closely you'll see a little heat warping in the door panel. This will get rectified when it goes to the body shop.
Here you can see the hood relaced on the vehicle. The hood scoop has also been put back into place.
To prep the undercarriage exposed parts Jared has chosen to treat everything with Gator Guard II. It's a truck bed liner product and is a much cleaner treatment than the old undercarriage protection. In this image the gas tank has been treated.
The inside of the front fenders has also been treated with this product. The interior wheel wells on the body have also been treated.
Here you can see the car reassembled in preparation for going in for body and paint work. The addtional work performed includes replacing the front valence, preparing the headlight housings, stripping the side mirrors and substantially closing up the antenna mount hole for the new antenna that will be installed. At this point she's ready to be towed to the body shop.

Step 8: Interior Restoration

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