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1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1 (Lilith)

Restoring the interior.

So the car went off to the body shop or final body work and paint. As that's a really specialized skill Jared decided that it wasn't something that he wanted to tackle on his project. While the car is out it's time to tackle the interior so that it'll be ready for installation once the car gets back.

Jared's not as organized (a.k.a anal retentive) as I am. So, when it came time to start working on the interior comonents this is what we started from. What a mess.
So, every project needs a little silliness in it somwhere. Here's the super scary evil skull head shifter that's going to go in the car.
The new looks of this restomod simply won't work with the woodgrain that is presently on the dash. Using up the last of the aint stripper makes removing the woodgrain very simple.

Here to can see the gauge console minus the woodgrain. The circuit panel on the back will be replaced and the gauge lights will be relaced with modern red LEDs. The leftmost gauge is a temperature gauge. It's going to be replaced with a oil pressure gauge (I'm trying to convince Jared that he needs a temp gauge somewhere... I mean this is Arizona).
Most of the major interior panels have been restored and painted. The interior color scheme will be a mix of graphite grey and black.
Here the metal segment of the dash has been stripped, primed and painted with rust preventative paint.
Even plastic requires restoration. Here's one of the plastic pieces of the dash. The mounting points were badly cracked. In addition there was a chunk missing from the side. The mounting points and missing chunk were epoxied. Stupid restoration trick number 502: If you need to build up a plastic piece that's non structurally supportive you can mix dryer lint with epoxy to use as filler. It's cheaper and easier than fiberglass.
After it was cleaned and sanded it got a coating of black paint.
Here you can see the two dash pods back together again. They look pretty smart in dark black with the bright metal. The metal was clear coated to protect from rust.
Next the interior door panels, louvers and dash pad were treated. Again, the interior color scheme is a mixture of graphite grey and black.
Finally, the seats get a fresh treatment.

Step 9: Modern Tech

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