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1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1 (Lilith)

Interior disassembly and rust repair (Part 1)

So, the first step on this particular restoration was to tear into the interior and remove it. The overall goal was to salvage as much as possible, plan on replacing the rest, and making repairs as we went.

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Frst thing that needed to be done was to remove the seats. The seats were then set aside to be cleaned up and gone over later.
Once the seats were out it was time for the center console and carpets to be removed. Now we have the ability to start seeing the overall condition of the floorboards. Excet for the passenger rear floor an everything else was pretty solid. There is some surface rust and some minor pitting.
Now, this looks a lot worse in the picture than it actually is. This is actually fairly standard for the interior of an older car. Old carpets and padding held water far too well. In addition to this, frequently the drain holes that were originally designed for this either were plugged at the factory for no known reason, or have been plugged with dirt and debris over the years.

This picture shows the back seat transitioning into the trunk area. It's got some rust, it's got some goo, but overall not in bad shape.
Here you can see a close up of the swiss cheese floorboard. This segment of the floorboard will have to be cut out and replaced with a patch panel. Even in Arizona, land of the dry heat, you'll always find some rust somewhere. And when you do, do the right thing.. Bondo is a right, not a priveledge.
Here you can see the rusty section cut out from the floorboard. On popular cars like this Mustang you can find many patch panels needed for the restoration. When you do the cut out, make sur it's the right size for the patch panel you're going to install.
Here's the aftemarket patch panel to be welded in. You always want to make sure to do multiple test fits before you to the final weld. The best patch panel welds are the ones where the panel and the point it's going to attach to are matched perfectly.
Now we've got the patch panel welded into place. The interior of the car is now solid once again.

Step 2: Interior and Shock Towers

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