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1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1 (Lilith)

Interior disassembly and rust repair (Part 2)

Previously we gutted the interior and, cleaned things up a bit and put a patch panel in for some rotten floorboard. This time we're going to finish the interior repairs, sandblast, prime and paint the interior.

Here you can see the dash removed. The reason for this will be apparent shortly. After the dash was removed everything remaining was covered and sealed with plastic.
Since everything was out of the car, and the intent was to get the interior cleaned out, the next step was to sandblast it. Here you can see the aftermath of the sandblasting. It'll be a goodly amount of vacuuming to get it all out. Alternatively you can use sanders, wire wheels and other methods to serve the same purpose.
When the area got cleaned out it was evident that there was a lot of damage around the top of the shock towers in the back. It's not certain whether this was from hard driving or bodging, but as this car will be driven hard it's obvious that things need to be fixed up.
After cleaning up the direct sheetmetal issues on top of the shock towers it was decided that reinforcing plates may be a good idea. Here you can see the templates for the reinforcing plates. These were made out of 16 gauge steel.
Here you can see the reinforcing plates welded into place. The next step is to grind everything down and make it smooth. In addition the seat mounting tabs have been removed and then replaced in the proper location.

With the welding ground down, the blasting completed and it all cleaned out the next step was to mask everything off and coat the interior with a coat of gray primer. Here you can see the interior with the coat of primer.
This picture shows the front area masked off and primed.
And finally, you can see the interior of the roof fully primed.
The last paint related step is to put a good coat of chassis coat over the primer to seal everything up and protect all the metal work that we've just completed.
The absolute last step to this phase was to instal the heat shielding / sound deadener. in this project we electect to try Elemental Designs' EDead sound deadener. It's significantly cheaper than Dynamat. We'll see how it performs.

Step 3: Rear Body Work

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