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1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1 (Lilith)

Adding Modern Technology

This restomod is going to have some nifty-neato-whiz-bang stuff added to it. A car pc, wi-fi, and other technological goodies!

This nifty little device here is the Car PC. It's a fully functional computer that's designed to go into your car.
Unfortunately, Jared forgot to select an adapter for the DVD drive, so he has to order that before he can finish everything, but she's got about every thing else that's necessary. 1.5 GHZ VIA, 1 GB RAM, 120 GB notebook drive, wireless, bluetooth, 8" touchscreen, etc...
These two USB hubs have been modified to be directly powered. The cool part about this is that it will enable charging any other technoweenie goodies that are installed.

You really can fit this thing in your back pocket if you wanted to. It's small enough to fit in the glove compartment. So there will be easy access to a keyboard whenever needed, but one that is stored safely out of sight and sunlight the rest of the time.
This is the current toy being used to fill the dash space where the clock used to be. It's touch sensitive just like a regular plasma ball. We went with orange because it was the most compatible color they had with the red dash lights that were installed. The only other color even close was pink, and that's just so not manly. It's too bright on it's own for night driving, so we'll be placing some kind of emblem silhouette in the middle of it to block out enough of the light to balance it out.

Step 10: Paint

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