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1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1 (Lilith)

Primer and Chassis Coating the Body.

Previously we stripped the multiple layers of paint off the body. Now our focus is on getting the body primered to protect the metal as well as a coat of Chassis Black on the areas of the car that won't be exposed.

Here the rest of the interior sheetmetal has been primed now that the wiring, dash and windshield has been removed.
The trunk area has been sanded, primered and a coating of seam sealer put in place.
Front passenger side now primered. As you remember, we replaced the battery tray and associated inner body steel. A great test in the quality of the repair is whether or not you can tell where the new panel is once the first primer has been applied.

After treating the front end with primer it recieved a coat of chassis black. Since these areas are not part of the exosed body using a paint like this is a great aplication. It really protects the areas that are most prone to rust. It can either be brushed on or run through a sprayer.
The interior gets a final run of the chassis coat as well. The first time through we couldn't paint the uppper areas. This time, with the rest of the interior exposed, we were able to get it all done.
And we finish off this segment of work in the trunk area. So, so sum up we've disassembled the interior, stripped the body of the car, replaced / repaired all the rust, primered the interior and non-exposed areas and topped that off with a coating of Chassis Black. Next step will be the doors and hood.

Step 7: Hood, Fenders and Doors

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