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1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1 (Lilith)

Rear End disassembly and rust repair

Previously we gutted the interior and cleaned things up. Now our focus is on going through the rear of the car's body and repairing anything that needs correction.

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This is the rear corner of the vehicle minus the fiberglass body kit. You can see that the corners are all there, but a little dinged up. Thankfully the kit was for "aethetic" purposes and not there to cover significant body damage.
Here you can see the rear end stripped of all the accessories and the extensions. There's some rippling in the trunk area that's indicative of a previous poorly done repair from a rear end collision.
Becuase of the ripples in the trunk an we've opted to remove it and do repairs. The rest of the rear end appears like it's been repaired already. We'll know for certain when the paint is off. The chassis is square, so there's no real concerns here.

Here you can see the new trunk pan prepped to go in.
The trunk pan part is now in place in th rear end. Again, it's a fit/trim/fit process until it sets just right, and then it's welded in.

Step 4: Front End Body Work

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