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Studebaker Champion Literature Review

Books on restoration and related topics

Proably the most important investment in time and money on any restoration is ensuring that you have the correct literature for your restoration. One of the most interesting things I've discovered about the Studebaker Marque is that is must be the most celebrated orphan brand in the history of automobiles. There is much information documented about the various Studebaker builds and versions over the years. In addition to this, Studebaker was a great reuser of their existing technology. Because of this, there are many documents and pieces of information that are appropriate for any years of Studebaker models.

The best place to start is the Studebaker Driver's Club. And with over 12,000 members it's easily the largest group of automobile enthusiasts in the world. These folks will be able to readily point you to the appropriate books and technical documentation regarding your vehicle. The SDC as an organization doesn't have a lot of the vehicle documentation in reprint form. So, for most documents contact your fellow Studebaker collectors or check, as I do, on Amazon.

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